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Nick Bertke

‘…better known as Pogo on the web and in the music scene. I record sounds from my favourite games and movies, and piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle to create completely new music. My videos have collected over 40 million views on YouTube, and I have produced remixes for Disney Pixar, Microsoft, Showtime, the United Nations and more.’

This guy’s stuff is great. You could spend hours watching his videos.

After long awaiting this song since Nick’s last United States tour back in October of 2011, the WALL-E remix which had been featured is available on Pogo’s tumblr! I still remember this live; it was the encore in NYC’s Highline Ballroom. Nick blew us away with this and his Pulp Fiction remix! Hopefully Nick will get his legal forms sorted out and allowed back in the states so that we can hear such amazing music live again! For now, enjoy listening to his new WALL-E remix!!

Fun fact about Pogo’s new video, Jaaam (steadily climbing its way to 1 million views [fuckyeaahhhhh])! There are space bunnies (Pogo’s logo) hidden throughout the new Fresh Prince video! See if you can find them! A friend of mine on the forums has found some of them:

0:31 on the box on the counter
0:33 on the design of the dish
0:45 on his shirt
0:47 on the cookie jar
0:49 on the bulletin board

They’re very subtle, but what an amazing little way to Pogofy the Fresh Prince video!! :) Also, Nick’s been recognized for his new release on the Huffington Post! Check out what they’ve written about his new song!

Enjoy listening! :D

Dabbling around with bits and pieces of Boo’s voice from the Disney movie Monster’s Inc., Nick has uploaded this track to his new tumblr account! Enjoy listening everyone!

Hello Pogo fans! I just wanted to post this video that Nick created and filmed as part of a student project in 2010. It’s entitled Out With It, and it features a couple fighting over communication, and how in the end, the lack of it proves to be fatal. The video is shot professionally and has amazing editing done to it; definitely check this out, if not for the storyline then for the camera shots and angles used. Enjoy!

Pogo’s been releasing new tracks left and right, thanks to his new tumblr account! This new song is a pretty complete remix of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. If you’ve heard Bootiful and the Studio Walkaround, you can hear the same theme in this song. The beginning of the Studio Walkaround and this song has the same beginning to the show’s main theme. Also, The Old Fashioned Feeling is played in the background of the second half of the song, to provide harmonic progression.

Enjoy listening Pogo fans, and make sure to follow Nick’s new tumblr!!


My favorite Alice remix from Deeper Down the Rabbithole
from my fave part or the original Disney animation
with the walrus and the carpenter.

Oyster Dreamland by Pogo 

Nick Bertke has a tumblr.

No, I’m not shitting you. Pogo just got a tumblr today.

There are currently four new unreleased tracks up on his site; a mix of Dumbo, Cinderella, Pinocchio, and an unreleased Wizard of Oz mix. Of course, considering all of my wonderful followers are a big fan of his, I would highly recommend you follow this new blog!! Hope to see updates and personal imput from Nick himself.

Enjoy listening, Pogo fans!!!



Pogo is an Australian music artist who takes sound clips along with soundtracks from movies and remixes them into catchy tunes. If you don’t know him or if you want some of his music, you should educate yourself.

^ What he said. :) 

Pogo Disney Remixes


Nick Bertke, or “Pogo” as he’s known on the internet is an Australian remixer, especially Disney and Pixar movies. If you haven’t watch Upular, one of his most famous, watch here now, with headphones. It’s incredible!

Other Pogo Disney and Pixar Remixes

Wishery (Snow White)

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Expialidocious (Mary Poppins)

White Magic (The Sword and the Stone)

Toyz Noize (Toy Story)

Buzzwing (Toy Story)

Bloom (Various Disney Movies)








First, go grab some headphones. The best ones you’ve got. If the best ones you’ve got are these suckers (or something similar), you should really go buy new ones, but use the best you’ve got for right now.

Take a break from whatever you’re doing for 2 minutes and listen, but just listen to the whole thing, even if you have to multi-task.

Headphones on? Ok. Good.

Now, press play.

“Upular (3D Audio Version)” - Pogo


Guys. Guys. You should really listen to this as instructed, guys.

It is worth it.

mother of god

why is this so amazing

it works way better if you keep your eyes closed during the whole thing


I was literally moving my head to where the music was, and I closed my eyes, and felt my eyes moving on their own.
This was absolutely extraordinary. ♥ 

It tickles. This is so magical. 

Now this is what I mean, Pogo’s definitely worth almost 30k notes :D

To start off the New Year of 2012, P.SUS, Billinski, and Breezewax have made another collaboration album entitled Solstice that was released December 29th of last year, so just a few days ago. The album is available on Bandcamp at a name your price option, or a free download, depending on your generosity. Enjoy these amazing tracks sure to start the new year with peace and tranquility :) Enjoy listening Pogo fans!!


Nick Bertke. Otherwise known as Pogo.


Nick Bertke.
Otherwise known as Pogo.

Pogo - Go Out And Love Someone
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Go Out And Love Someone - Pogo

I love songs about love. Especially this one because, unlike most love songs that deal with breakups and sadness, this one is filled with optimism. Go out and love someone because the world can always use more love. Sure, heartbreak is always a strong possibility, but that’s the risk we all take. Don’t think about it too much, just love. Whatever happens, happens.

“Oh, it’s just the sudden realization, you see here, of the fact that… that I love you”

so happy this has so many notes already :)

Although this was posted a few weeks ago, I wanted to make sure the tumblr fans of Pogo had a chance to see this! Pogo created a huge playlist under his user account called Get More Into Music! Every video is one that Nick personally found and enjoyed, and commented on in an introduction video for each one. If you have the time, I highly suggest checking this playlist out! Nick really speaks to the innovative ways that people create music. It shows how music is simply sound, but when imagination and passion are added, it can go very, very far. All it takes is an idea, and the willingness to carry said idea out! Enjoy the playlist!!